Part 2, Project 2 – Exercise: Questions to ask myself….

1) What age group would I like to write for?
7-11 year olds

2) What do you think the advantages or disadvantages would be of flagging up this target age group on the book cover?
The advantages would be to make it clear what audience the story would be aimed at. It gives guidance to parents as to whether the story is suitable. Disadvantages can be that it can put children off the book if it’s aimed at a younger age group; they can’t discover the story for themselves as they might feel it “babish”. This could lead to peer pressure/teasing. It may unnecessarily get missed by children of age groups outside this recommendation.

3) Bearing in mind your target age group, is there any subject matter that you’ll deliberately avoid?
I will probably avoid overt sexualisation although emotions and feelings will be fine. I think most subject areas can be covered but in an appropriate way.

4) What will you do to help yourself see the world from a child’s perspective rather than an adult one?
I’m going to listen to what children say about things, the world around them. Research child interviews on the internet. Read child reviews of books. Observe the children that I teach and how they interact, how they see things.


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