Part 3, Project 1 – Questions around structure…

1) How closely does structure relate to the perspective that the story is told from?
I think this is very closely related. It changes with differing perspectives and is to an extent dictated by who’s telling the story.

2) Are there different emphases depending on who is telling the story?
Yes absolutely. Characters will always have their own vested interest in the plot from their viewpoint. The Fairy Godmother has Cinderella’s interest at heart; the stepmother wants her daughters to go to the ball and marry the Prince; Cinderella feels unworthy of being able to go and feels resigned to a life of slavery.

3) How important to the story is the order in which the events are narrated?
Very important. You can’t have a big conclusion or outcome revealed before anything else. Everything should hinge around a sequence that progresses to the final outcome. Beginning – middle – end.


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