Part 3, Project 2 – Exercise: Focusing on an object

The door, several feet away:
Four long, rectangular panels within inner pannels
Two smaller square panels
Round, brass handle that turns
Dark salmon pink velveteen curtain – stops drafts – draped to right

Observed more closely:
White paint; no grain of wood visible
Three hinges to the right, painted white
Handle appears to be old

Observed even closer:
The door is slightly adjar
Draught coming through, blowing fabric of curtain

The footstool, several feet away:
Cream fabric
Four dark brown legs
One & half foot high, 3ft long approximately

Observed more closely:
Magazines, newspapers on top
Self patterned fabric, diamond shape
Four legs have turned feet at the bottom – Queen Anne style?

Observed even closer:
Teardrop shape inside the diamonds within the fabric
Grain within wood of the legs swirl round
Folds of fabric form tucks at each corner


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