Planning for Assignment 3

Areas to give consideration to following tutor feedback from Assignment 2:
1) Give the character(s) names.
2) Consider causality carefully ensuring that Event A happens, which leads to Event B happening and which therefore brings about Event C
3) Use an unusual structure. I need to research this: perhaps try juxtaposition?
4) Target the boy market.
5) Write an animal theme.

I also need to plan the story more carefully to balance the plot. I will look at the following three stages:
1) Outline character(s), the setting & the conflict.
2) Outline the lesser event, which will include rising action and an increase in the level of conflict.
3) Lead onto the main event where the crisis of action takes place.
4) The resolution concludes the story.

I have spent some time looking at what “journey” could take place, and indeed, what the word could mean:
1) A real, physical act that takes the characters from A to B.
2) An personal, emotional journey where characters discover new aspects of themselves, like Artemis Fowl’s journey of morality in The Arctic Incident”.
3) A mission. Linking with point no.1, this could be a task that can only be accomplished under cover of night.


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