Part 4, Project 1 – Exercise: Writing in the first person

How does Emily Diamand convey the sense of a child’s voice?  With how she describes Cat, the actions are simple, deliberate.  The language used “yow yow” means nothing but she goes onto say that she knows what it’s saying.  This personification of an animal is very child-like, naive and simplistic.

Write a paragraph in the first person’s perspective of a child who is trapped in a room:

It’s a big room, this is.  Bigger than my room.  The door to my room opens.  The door over there doesn’t; I can’t pull it like my one.  No pictures or crayons.  It’s all dark and shadowy in here.  Nowhere for drawing.  I keep it tidy, my room.  Mummy says so.  Where’s Mummy?  I want my Mummy.  Is it time yet?  Can I go, please?  I’ve been really good.  I didn’t touch anything.  I do as Mummy says.”


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