Part 4, Project 2 – Exercise: Contrast & Collusion

Write dialogue between two children talking about a third child.  One child is the dominant with the second flattering the first, reinforcing the dialogue.  Contrast is needed but finish with a revelation:

“Of course, when I played that football match last week, there was no way Charlie Winters would get past me.”
“Yer right, especially with those tackling skills of yours.”
“Well, I have to swerve around a bit to get it right…it’s not as easy as it looks.”
“No, it looks well tricky.  You do make it look easy, though, Martin, and no mistake.”
“Charlie Winters thinks he’s really good though.  I don’t understand it.”
“Yer, well, he’s cocky about playing, Martin, whereas you’re not.  You’re a natural; he has to work at it.”
“You’re right there, Billie.  I’ve always known my way round the pitch.”
“And the way you headed that shot into the net last season, you know, in the Scunthorpe away game…you well impressed me.”
“Cheers.  Yes it’s never all that straightforward for good old Winters…and it won’t get any easier, either.”
“Why?  What d’ya mean?”
“Let’s just say he’s going to be mixing with different company soon.”
“Come on, tell me! I’m hardy likely to spill; you always tell me to keep me gob shut.”
“Yes and you’re right to listen, Billie.  He’s being moved to the top of the Junior league!”
“What?  They’re dropping him from the Seniors?”
“Yes, Billie.  All those hand-balls and fouls last season apparently.  But you didn’t hear this from me, got it?”
“No, Martin, you’re dead right there.  Wow, can’t believe it.”
“Yes, it’s rather good.  Get’s him out of my way at last.”



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