Part 4, Project 2 – Exercise: Intimidation

Write a page of dialogue where one child is being bullied by two others.  The victim doesn’t speak, simply comments internally on the action in the first person perspective.  One bully is the dominant, the other backs them up.  Use fragmented dialogue, imperatives and rhetorical questions:

Billie stared at Martin.  The dressing room was hot, sweaty and empty.  Perfect.
Martin swung at Charlie with his towel, whipping the back of his legs with a sharp whack.
Billie yelped with laughter whilst Martin grinned broadly.
“Not the big “I Am” any more, eh?”
I wanted to reach down and rub my calves; stop them from stinging.  I couldn’t.  I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction.
“What’s wrong, Winters?  Cat got your tongue?”
I turned round to face them.  See what was coming.
“Gonna try one of your little tackles are you?”
Billie was beside himself, which only served to encourage Martin.
I put my hands up to defend myself, crossing my legs and keeping my manhood covered.  He’s bound to try that trick.  They always do.
“Oh, look at that, would you Billie.  D’ya want to use the toilet? D’ya need to pee pee?”
Martin grabbed Charlie’s shoulder, spun him around and dragged him towards the urinals.  Billie skipped behind in hot pursuit.
“Do it, Billie!  Flush it!”
Billie reached over and grabbed the chain of the toilet in the first stall before stepping back just in time to watch Martin push Charlie to his knees and his head into the bowl.
“Have a nice wash, eh, Charlie boy.”
Luckily, I held my breath and shut my eyes just in time.  I”m not sure what was worse; that or the crack in my knees as I feel to the floor.


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