Part 4, Project 2 – Exercise: Establishing power & status

“It’s not that we don’t want you here any more, Bill. Far from it.  Things are just slowing down.  Not a lot of new work coming in.”
“So, it’s last in, first out then, John?”
“Not at all, Bill.  We’re just having to economise our productivity in line with demand and..”
“Sack people to save money? I know what you’re doing, John.  It’s fairly plain to see.”
“It’s not as black and white as that, as well you know.  If I had the work for you both, you know that I’d gladly give it to you.”
“Ah, so we’re both being given the shove, eh? How noble.”
“Now, come on, Bill, it’s not like that. Times are increasingly difficult.  We’ve had to make some very tough decisions of late and…”
“Yer, and I bet you sleep soundly at night.  Six months in and we’re out on our ears?”
“You’ll get glowing references and an extra week’s pay, Bill.  You know, for the trouble.”
“I think you’ll find we’ll get more than that. Come on, son, let’s get out of here.  We don’t wanna be where we’re not welcome.”


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