Part 4, Project 2 – Exercise: Giving Information

“Do I need to see this, Martin?”
“Yes. You do.”
“It’s the practice timetable.  So what?”
“Billie. Look again.”
“Weekdays…full practices…matches at home. Matches away.  What am I looking for?”
“Does anything stand out as unusual, Billie?”
“What league are we in, Billie?”
“And what league’s timetable are we looking at?”
“Finally. So – why am I showing you this?”
“I don’t know.”
“Dya know what, Billie? Trying to get common sense out of you sometimes is as easy as stapling jelly to a wall.”
“What’s the big deal with the Juniors then?”
“Who’s being demoted to that league next month? Who do we hate? Who needs their arse kicking?”
“Ah….Charlie Winters!”
“So why are we looking at his timetable and not ours?”
“So that we know when he’s going to be around the club.  We can make sure that can be ‘available’ for some post-match debriefs, shall we say.”


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