Part 4, Project 2 – Exercise: Role Reversal

“Come on, Dad, we’ve got to get you into bed. It’s late.”
“No, I’m alright son, just leave me be.”
“You can’t stay on the floor, Dad. I promised Mam I’d look after you.”
“Away with you. Just 10 more minutes.”
“Dad, you know that I can’t.  I want you to sit up with me. Come on.  I’ve poured you a fresh mug of coffee.”
“I don’t want coffee! I want sleep!
“And sleep you shall have, once you’re in bed.  Here’s no place for a grown man to pass out. Come on!”
The boy digs his hand under his father’s arm in the hope of pulling him up.  He fails miserably.
“Get off me, lad, for peat’s sake, get off!”
“Listen, Dad.  I’m going to get cross with you soon.  Look at yourself – you’re dribbling, you can barely sit up.”
“All right!  All right.”
“That’s better.  Just get yourself onto that chair and drink the coffee – you’ll feel right as rain in no time.”
“What’s right about rain?  It’s bloody wet.”
“It’s a saying, Dad.  Now, come on. Drink up.”
“All right! Stop with your mithering.”
“I’m only trying to help, Dad.  You know you’re not supposed to drink.”
“What I’m supposed to do and what I actually do, my boy, is up to me…now help me up.”
The man held out a hand and the boy pulled with all his might.  He sat on the chair and took a long swig of coffee.
“Christ, that’s strong.”
“It’s supposed to be.  Mam always said it was the only thing that worked on you.”
“Worked on me? What’s that supposed to mean?”
“When you’ve had too much to drink, Dad.  Now drink up.”
The drunken man continued sipping the coffee, much to the relief of his son.  He was soon able to get his father to bed before he passed out again.


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