Part 4, Project 2 – Questions for consideration

Am I anywhere near establishing a unique narative voice in my own writing?  How would I describe this voice?
I’m getting closer to seeing my own voice in my writing.  I’d like to say that i’s fluent, serious yet sometimes humourous.  Engaging, informative.  I’m not sure! I will ask a friend to comment and see what she says.

Do I intend to use predominantly 1st-person or 3rd person narration?  Will there be a single narrative voice or more than one?
I want to explore more 1st-person narrative because it seems to relate to a child’s way of thinking.  It’s a more immediate style and seems to capture the imagination of the narrator.  As a reader, you really understand the character, as though you’ve climbed into their skin.  For a child, this intimacy of engagement is really important.

Do I feel more confident about using dialogue in my own writing?
Yes very much and I now understand more fully how effective dialogue can be.  I’ve probably underestimated the power of dialogue and the impact it can have on the plot.  I didn’t realise how powerful an effect it had on the empathy one has with a character and how the reader can relate to them through conversation.  I’ve also enjoyed trying the many varied techniques with dialogue which I hope to draw upon in the future.

Have any new ideas been generated by your work in Project Two?
Yes!  I really want to try writing a children’s ghost story in the 1st-person, possibly journal-style.


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