Part 3, Assignment 3 – Tutor feedback

Herewith the link to my tutor’s feedback on my third assignment:

Amy Balcomb (510035) Writing for Children Assignment 3 Tutor Feedback

Summary feedback points:
1) The opening of the story is crucial and I need to ensure it is as compelling as possible.
I had never given as much thought to this as I did to the title.  I realise now that I need to address this and will certainly consider the opening to Assignment 4 carefully and if needs be, change it on the re-drafts.

2) Consider my POVs with more care.
I featured three POVs in this Assignment, which my tutor suggested I change to two, which would add more drama and allow the reader to really feel the terror in Rascal.

3) Animals and the different ways of using these in  stories.
I don’t anticipate writing an animal based story in my next assignment but certainly when I do decide to again, I will consider the different approaches.  I have purchased a copy of Michelle Paver’s “Wolf Brother” which I look forward to reading.

4) Manuscript Format
Having put “Word” for Mac on my laptop, I have lost the manuscript layout in my default settings.  I will need to remember to set my work out manually according to the rules of this layout.


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