Part 5, Project 1 – Exercise: Exploring mythology

For this exercise, I revisited a couple of Greek myths that I remembered enjoying as a child.  The three stories that I researched again were as follows:

1) Jason & The Argonauts
Jason led the Argonauts aboard their ship the Argo on a long and dangerous journey to find the Golden Fleece, so as to claim his right as ruler. He has the support and infatuation of a witch called Medea who he lives with in apparent wedlock.  The journey or quest is the part of the story that resonates the most with me; the many places that they visit, the many dangers they face, and all to find a fleece made of gold.

2) Theseus & The Minotaur
As a child, the Minotaur in this story always frightened me.  I held Theseus in very high regard believing he was an exceptionally brave person to go into a dark maze knowing that at any turn, he could come face to face with such a scary creature who was hellbent on eating him.  The story goes that Theseus volunteered to go in place of one of the 7 girls and 7 boys who were sent to Crete every year as food for the Minotaur.  Theseus had the help of one King Minos’s daughters called Ariadne; they work out the maze of the labyrinth and he manages to kill the beast once and for all.

3) Pandora’s Box
The legend goes that Pandora was the first woman before the human race was created.  She was created in heaven and all the Gods contributed something to perfecting her (beauty, grace, etc).  She was given to Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus, one of the Titans (the race that existed before man was created).  Epimetheus had a jar in his house and Pandora’s curiosity got the better of her; she opened it.  Every ill and sin escaped, plaguing the world; envy, spite, revenge, it all escaped.  However, just as Pandora hastened to fix the lid back onto the jar, she was able to save one last thing in the bottom; hope.  That’s why even now, when all else is failed or lost, we cling onto hope, for that is all that we sometimes have left.


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