Part 5, Project 1: Exercise – Mapping a fantasy world

Fantasy Land

To the North is Hope Valley ruled by The King of Hope in Hope Castle, which is situated near Windy Falls.  This leads into the River Windy, which winds its way from East to West, through Hope Valley to the North and Noonie’s Land to the South.  It crosses at the foot of Talking Woods and past the Eyeless WonderPillars, the Guardians of Hope Valley.
Eventually, the river finds itself in the West, in the Land of Asterisks, a strange land where no-one really knows who or what is going on.
Between the North and South is the Wall of Division.  It takes great courage and fortitude to cross the Wall and many have died in the process; once crossed, one cannot go back.  It’s a one-shot deal.
To the South of the Wall is No-ones Land, not to be confused with Noonie’s Land.  No-one’s Land belongs to No-one, the harmless people of the Moving Mountains who live in Mountain Heights.  Simple folk, they live by the laws of the land and come and go about their lives quietly and harmlessly.  They are humans but possess special powers of premonition, hence they can live at the foot of Moving Mountains; they know when they will next move and prepare themselves accordingly.  They are held in such high regard that the King of Hope grants them special rights to cross the Wall at any time, to and fro, at no cost to their lives.
To the very South-West is a curious land.  Nearest to the Wall is the Flower Valley where huge, talking flowers grow in huge sized fields.  To the unwitting and unwise, they speak of great wisdom but they’re really great enemies of the King of Hope and the gentle folk of No-One’s Land.  They are not to be trusted and if one finds oneself in the Valley, you’d be as well to get out as soon as possible.  To the South of this valley, the Mushroom Field is a sight to behold.  Like the Flowers in the Valley, they are of ginormous proportion but unlike the flowers, they stay completely silent.  However, they detect the good and bad in people and if they feel that people passing through the Field poses a threat to Baron Black, they release spores into the air that kill you instantly upon inhalation.
If one survives the Valley and the Field, one continues further South to the Fork-Vale.  This is the last line of defence before reaching the Black Box, the accommodation of Baron Black and the centre of all things evil.  The Fork Vale contains field upon field of upright, over-sized table forks that stand on sentry duty.  An eerie sight, the wind whistles through the prongs at different frequencies and can be known to pierce stray wanderers’ ear-drums.  Great care should be taken to pass through the Vale; then again, if you’ve got this far, you face the perils of the homeland of Baron Black.  He lives alone in Black Box, a huge black building with four straight shiny black walls, no windows, no doors.  No-one has ever seen the Baron, but his reputation strikes fear into the heart of everyone North of the Black Box.  His dark magic is deadly.  He is fearless, ruthless and not to be messed with.  The King of Hope knows that his time will come.


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