Preparation work for Assignment 5 – Story 2

Assignment 5 – Fantasy Lands
Story 2

Key Elements:

  • Two child protagonists – brother and sister?
  • Target audience age: 9-12 year olds
  • Quest theme
  • Danger – potential conflict
  • Mysterious creature
  • Arch enemy
  • Good vs bad
  • Use a different POV (omniscient) – I have not written in this POV yet and would like to see how it feels
  • Write a section from a longer story so that it leaves the reader wanting to find out what happens

Inspiration for story:

  • Greek myth – Labyrinth / Minotaur / Jason & The Argonauts
  • A quest or journey to seek something or get something back that’s been stolen
  • Two opposing lands – good vs bad
  • Two opposing leaders
  • A stolen object that compromises the wellbeing of the good land and its people

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